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15 Best Free System Maintenance Software Downloads

If your computer or laptop is producing slow response, working slow and keeps you wait even for small task, then you need to clean your system. System maintenance software do this task easily and preferred manner. These are the small software which scans the computer system including Hard-disk, Registry, Memory etc. to find out the exact problem causing for slow system response. Manually this task is nearly impossible because it is not possible to access registry and cleaning it as per requirement for every computer users. So we need a computer expert or a utility which can do this task for you easily and securely. Following are the 15 best and free system maintenance tools which you can use to clear your system from junk files and make it faster responsive.



1. 360Amigo System Speedup Free

As with so many freeware versions of premium system utilities, 360Amigo’s interface is stylish and heavy on the graphics and captions that explain what each feature does. The program consists of a system cleaner and a system optimizer, with a number of extra utilities, though some of the advanced tools are only available with the paid software.


2. Wise Registry Cleaner Free

Wise Registry Cleaner Free’s installer persuades users to download and install the Ask toolbar via a cleverly worded “combined” EULA. It also recommends, and offers to download, a companion disk-cleaning utility. We opted out of these extras.


3. WinUtilities Free Edition

Some of what WinUtilities does–disk defragmenting and cleanup, for example–can be accomplished using the System Tools that come with Windows. But we liked the way the program combined these and other functions into one clean, intuitive interface, making all of the most useful Windows maintenance utilities easy to access.


4. System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic performs cleanup, optimization, and privacy protection with equal agility. As with similar tune-up utilities, it enables you to clean up your registry, remove junk files, and customize hidden settings to improve performance.


5. Free Windows Cleanup Tool

Free Windows Cleanup Tool’s interface is rectangular dialog with vertically arranged program icons, tree-view settings panel, and main window. The first tool, the Cleaner, requires users to select exactly what they want to clean, which keeps inexperienced users from accidentally deleting the wrong files.


6. TweakNow RegCleaner 2011

This excellent freeware utility makes the potentially daunting prospect of cleaning your Windows Registry safe and simple. The interface is spare and straightforward, and most users will probably only need the Scan and Remove buttons.


7. TweakNow PowerPack 2011

The icon-driven interface is the sort we love: simple, intuitive, and reasonably attractive in a Vista-ish way. It basically just lists its utilities in the left-hand pane, and the selected application displays in the main window.


8. CCEnhancer

the popular system and Registry-cleaning tool from Piriform. CCleaner Enhancer adds rules and definitions sourced from the Piriform Support Forum and other online resources to CCleaner’s built-in WinApp2.ini system. When you run CCleaner again, the new programs are automatically included and ready to be selected for scanning.


9. DiskMax

DiskMax’s interface is quite plain and simple. Users simply click on Quick, Standard, or Detailed to select the type of scan they want to perform. We wish that the interface itself explained what was involved in which type of scan, but the Help file–which must be downloaded separately from the creator’s Web site–does contain details about each one.


10. Magix PC Check & Tuning Free

PC Check’s unique interface is based on the widely familiar concept of red and green lights: Red icons indicate problems, and green icons denote cleaned and optimized features. Two huge buttons handle day-to-day operations: Check PC and Fix All Problems.


11. PC Health Optimizer Free Edition

This suite of utilities will identify and eliminate problems with one click. It corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more.


12. Startup Faster

As you may know, sometimes there are more than 30 programs launched by Windows at the same time, which causes Windows to boot up very slowly. With Startup Faster you can fully control how quickly programs launch and how they launch.


13. Kingsoft PC Doctor

Key Features: Fully Optimized Interface: Fully optimized interface make using Kingsoft PC Doctor cannot be easier. New Life Point tells you the truth of your PC health. Cloud Security All-In-One: Kingsoft Cloud Engine quickly response to Billions of active Trojans, Powerful Malware Removal & Spyware Removal included.


14. PC Brother System Care Free

PC Brother has the colorful, graphics-heavy type of interface typical of the category, with stylish buttons accessing Utilities and Services and elaborate icons for opening the Cleaner and Optimization tools in the Easy Shuttle sidebar.


15. Comodo System-Cleaner

The interface of this program is colorful and easy to navigate and use. Before it runs a cleaning task, it creates a backup of your system to prevent any accidental loss of data, which is a great benefit.

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