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HTML5 Cheat Sheet Infographic Released By InMotion Hosting

HTML which stands for Hypertext mark-up language is supposed to be the main language for web pages. Hence the purpose of a web browser is to read the HTML documents and then compose them into either audible or visible websites.

HTML or Hypertext mark-up language is the main languages used for web pages. It is written in the form of tags enclosed in angle brackets. It is written within the web page content. Mostly these HTML elements are used in pairs but some that are known as empty elements are used unpaired also.

HTML5 is a language that used to create web pages, its fifth revision of HTML, a core technology of internet and basic language of designing. This advanced technology has some new features and tags that presents website designs with special effects and awesome layouts. HTML5 adds many new syntactical features.

Today we cover HTML5 Cheat sheet for web designers and developers released by InMotion hosting with Tags, event attribute and browser support. View these image and find the original source to download this Cheat sheet.


HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Tags

HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Event Attributes

HTML5 Cheat Sheet- Browser Support

Original Source

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